Sunday, September 9, 2012

Planning a Vision

I've been sorting baby clothes for an upcoming consignment sale. The memories attached to those tiny little garments, all sorted and sized, hanging in neat little rows. A catalog of our family's little beginning. But, I fought back the urge to pack all those things away. To help, I thought about the new families that would hopefully create new memories from these clothes and I began dreaming up my own family's future.
I hope to have a brick and mortar shop in the next few years. I'm always envisioning how the inside will look, what the decor will be, and how to entertain the little ones. So, here are some things I'd love to have around in my future plan.

Sweet vintage children's clothing, like this 1940s newsboy cap from the BabyTweeds shop on etsy.

And everything made by SewnNatural will be a beautiful addition to the shop, like this Dressy Cape. This hooded shrug is made of boiled wool.

And this little pink Circus Elephant by cartbeforethehorse is an artiulated, DIY paper doll. I love that they have reinvented the old fashioned paper doll with a modern twist.

Not necessarily for the babies, more for decorating the nursery, is this mid-century navy blue suitcase. I have seen many new nurseries decorated with vintage cases such as this for a world traveler type decoration theme. And a handy way to store items you don't want to look at, but need to own. This case is from TheWhitePepper on etsy. I would definitley love to add that ship to the decor, too.
And a forever favorite of mine are the unique dolls and toys made by TIMOMHANDMADE on etsy. I love this gray bird doll and so many others. I hope to someday have one for my own home, if I can only decide which one to get.

I'm sure this will not be the last of my favorite things. I'm always inspired by the fine things I see on etsy, and I'm always planning a dream. Hope you have a memorable week!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Logo Print Design!

  Now that I have decided to give this baby clothing and gift shop a full-time affair, I decided to go all or nothing. There's a lot of pressure surrounding a decision such as this, but I have some people who are pushing me ahead with lots of encouragement. The last two weeks have been insane! In fact, just 2 days ago I decided to throw in the towel and get a normal job. With my husband in school full-time, one of us has to have an income. Well, I've often felt intense brain pulsing pressure to be the fuel for some creative fire. This little elephant design rose out of those ashes, and I'm in love. And, I didn't go job hunting.
Turquoise Toddler Tee with Indian Elephant & Bird Vintage Pull Toy steel grey design, $24
 Last night, I printed quite a few of these with a non-toxic ink and I love the look! They printed so nicely and clear. I even printed an adult tee, too, to be in the shop as soon as I can list it. I have more ideas for this ele and other designs to add to this vintage toy collection.
Infant and Toddler Tshirt Romper, Indian Elephant & Bird Vintage Pull Toy design, $26
Now here's hoping I have enough for the upcoming craft shows. I'll post more on those in the coming weeks!
Tell me what you think! I love feedback, and suggestions, and custom orders, too.
Have a good rest of the day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Major Milestone 1st day of School

Car trip to Grandma's, one of 2 trips

My week in review:

That's my precious baby boy, looking rather serious in his Where's Waldo getup. This was taken on a car trip last week. It's hard to believe he started school just yesterday. It's only Pre-K, but we have been pretty much inseparable since he was born. His first 3 years were spent with just his Dad & I. When I picked him up from school yesterday, I asked him if he missed me. His reply: "No momma, I didn't miss you." Of course I was a bit hurt, but I asked if he didn't miss me because he knew I would always be back to get him. And his answer: "yes." Wow, being a parent has such emotions!

Little E looking cute with his Spiderman lunchbox just before he left for school.

Like father like son: the boys getting ready to board the silver bus to school. And, yes, my husband is also in school again, so proud of them both!

Here's me and the little lady, having a little girls' time before the boys get home.

But I have been doing a LITTLE bit of work. I finally got my mom's old sewing machine cabinet. it's a maple cabinet, and once housed a really nice Singer. She bought this about the time I was born, so it's pretty ancient! She's been holding it for me, but I never thought I could make it fit into my little home, but I'm so glad I got it! Now my machine has a permanent home and I don't have to move it around. Maybe I can be more efficient. Hmmmm. I also started screenprinting items for my shops. In the background is my new screen/design with the original drawings in front.

Hope you all had a pleasant week! Let me know what you've been up to!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Primm Road on Etsy

Trio of mini rose earrings in dusty blue, aqua and apricot, by Primm Road on Item no longer available.
 Back when I started Etsy, I had no idea what I was doing or how to do what I was trying to do. So, without a plan, I signed up as plain "bhpeters". Once I decided to open my shop, I named it The Bird  & Elephant (lots of symbolism about me and my newborn son). I was going to dedicate the shop to my photography and baby items, but the financial crash we experienced once I became a stay-at-homer sent me in a whirlwind of sorts. Long story short, I began selling some vintage finds from around the house that had no historical significance except I thought it was pretty or cool. Soon, my shop was as un-zen as my brain could handle and I decided to open shop #2 for all things baby related. I took The Bird & Elephant name with me. Not knowing what to call shop #1, I changed it to BEvintage. Ho-hum.
Chinese brocade, destuffing my stash. Available at Primm Road, click here for listing. $6

Fast forward two point five years and Etsy finally allowed a name change and I finally came up with a name: Primm Road. That was the little backwoods street I lived on for 11 years while in TN, where my first born evolved, where I had my little studio in the woods, and where my dreams of becoming a self-employed art, craft businesswoman started. Primm Road just seems to fit the nature of my shop.

Vintage Jell-o molds (toy truck is not for sale. It was my husband's from his childhood.) Molds available at Primm Road on $10 Click here for listing.
Most of my attention is still on the baby shop, but Primm Road is where I can still do my own thing, experiment with new materials, get my other artsy self on. I love making my own cards for the earrings and making pretty packages for things to ship out in. For the earring card below, I carved a yucca plant in bloom along with the new shop name, out of a rubber stamp. I really love the way it looks.

These ivory roses are on backorder, but have been a popular pair at Primm Road. The earrings in the background are all available at Click here for more listings.

The yucca plant has become a little logo of sorts for my shop. There was a lot of this along the houses at Primm Road. Another little trivia piece about the yucca plant and its symbolism to me: my parents now live on the property where my grandmother grew up. Her house is no longer there, only remnant of where the house use to sit, like lots of yucca plants at the base of the trees that once surrounded the house.

I love receiving items I've ordered in neat little packages. Here's a photo of  my latest packaging. I tuck one of my hand-stamped cards with a personalized message to the buyer (card not pictured) under the jute string.

I hope you've enjoyed my little history with etsy, and hope you check out both the shops! Let me know what you think! I love to chat!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vegan Red Velvet Cake

This is one of the Sticky Fingers shops....vegan!!!!!!
Ok, so a bit of a personal note about me.  I have a weird, tick born illness called alpha gal. As a result of this pesky little bugger and its nasty little bite, I can no longer eat ANYTHING that comes from a 4 legged animal (a mammalian) and pretty much anything that is processed. I can eat it if it has 2 legs or lives in water. I never was big on meat, spent time as a vegetarian and vegan, but now it's all weird. And, what I use to think was vegetarian or vegan was not. I have learned to read labels and dissect each & every word within an ingredient list. I now eat all organic because I can understand the list (a positive on the health side and something I try to do anyway). And a note on processed, for some reason, everything contains milk! I once purchased and ate the cheese Veggie Shreds (they have a slew of products in the green packaging in the produce section), well, it contains milk..... Yeah, not a good day when I indulge in a product I assume is safe for me to eat (I will never assume again). And, chicken boullion has milk, too. I'm still learning.

So, I have a sweet tooth, and I love the granola-type desserts, don't get me wrong, but I long for a good old-fashioned, fluffy yet dense red velvet cake or carrot cake, you get what I'm saying? I found this awesome book by Doron Petersan of Sticky Fingers bakery, and I'm in love. I saw her compete on Cupcake Wars (I watch mostly to drool over that which I cannot have), then I found her cookbook while perusing the vegan section at the bookstore. Her Red Velvet Cake is AMAZING!!! My husband, not so much a cake kind of guy, ate a piece and I actually heard him do that down low caveman style ummmm. When I hear that, I know it wasn't just me illuding myself into thinking this was a good cake. The last cake I made, I ranted about how good it was and he (my husband) replied: you just haven't had chocolate cake in a really long time. He was right. So, if you're vegan and miss that red velvet in your life, you have to try Doron's recipe. I'll try to photograph the next cake/cupcakes before little fingers start attacking the vegan cream cheeze frosting.

And here is a link to the Sticky Fingers website where you can get the book and read up on the bakery: Sticky Fingers.

And for those who are curious, or would like more info on the alpha gal allergy, here's a link:

Good day!

Friday, August 17, 2012

New photos for etsy listing do look better!

It's amazing what a few new photos can do for a product, especially ones like these. In my product shots, I always hated having my kiddos where the garments because I'm afraid they'll mess them up (I don't know, it's not like they can't just have these custom tee's, right?). So, after many cringes at viewing my pics, I decided to try my babes as models. It took some coaching, but the light was perfect and they actually hammed it up a bit.

For the banjo shot, I asked E how to play the banjo and that sent him in action (air banjo captured here). Love it! The tee he's wearing is printed on a 4T. As the shirt sizes get bigger, the banjo shrinks, so I can play with positioning, a plus, I suppose.

 Here, as a way to keep E's arms from naturally falling to his side and in front of the rabbit, I asked him to describe the rabbit's ears. Worked like a charm!

And the misses was a hoot! Of course, at first, she wanted to stay behind the patio table (the off limit area for her), but I coaxed her to stay in the "shooting zone" by drawing on the patio with chalk. She started to cut up a bit and I got some really sweet photos!

A productive day of shooting (I was about to hire a professional). And, another new post. I think I can do this, at least for now.

Tell me what you think!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

new blocks, new prints, new things!

Hello my friends! It's been a minute since I visited this blog of mine, but I just couldn't neglect it any longer! I'm FINALLY into my new "home" and somewhat settled in. I've had some time to think about the direction of my work (my shop) and had a heart-to-heart with all those plans, sketches and dreams of mine. Do I give it up and get a FT or take a step in the dark and hope I don't fall. Well, I chose the step. For as long as I can remember, I've always had my hands on a new project, whether dissecting old clothes or rigging car engines (tis true, a girls gotta do what she can when there are no other options). Anyway, with my husband in school full-time and baby #1 heading to preK, it was time to decide. I've worked hard with my shop and now that my hands are a little more open, I just have to go full throttle with this. In the past, I treated the B&E as a slightly higher hobby, always waiting for the moment for it to take off, but my wings are growing antsy and it's time to leave the comforts of the nest. Thanks to the encouragement & assistance (yay for help!) of an old acquaintance, new friend, I'm diving in head first. Wish me luck!

A peak at what I've been up to. If you want to see more, please head over to my updated shop for more blocks, screenprinted items, quilts and my old appliques (old as in the original designs, not old as in age). And, if you like, checkout my second shop of tiny floral earrings, necklaces, vintage goodies and recycled wool cuffs!

For the items below, please click here:

My little lovey in her new favorite hat; love those sweet cheeks! Plan to have these in the shop real soon!
Infant sensory blocks have a rattle, lots of ribbon taggies, a squishy center (easy on the head & furniture) and beautiful fabrics that not only look great lying around, but have patterns that help the eyes develop from newborn cloudy to motion tracking cuteness!

A beautiful block that I love so much! Made from a bag of scraps, I hope I can find this design again!

A new applique, hand embroidered ombre style with threads that flow through several shades of lavendar from light to dark.